CV för Claes Holmberg

Claes Holmberg har i mer än 25 år arbetat i ledande befattning i ett flertal innovationsföretag, vilka tagit sig från tidig fas och ut på den internationella marknaden. Hans första uppdrag var i Nobel Biocare, företaget som introducerade dentala implantat på världsmarknaden.

Date of birth: September 08, 1954 in Gothenburg
Civil status: Married, three children (born in 1979, 1984, 1990)
Home adress:  Summary: Vasagatan 4, 411 24 Göteborg, tel 031-25 45 47, 0708-25 45 47, Entrepreneur, 25 years of management experience from innovative startup companies, within medical device and analytical instrument businesses
Biolight AB: 2003- 2011 President and CEO, August 2003- January 2011. Biolight AB, on the NGM MTF list, is marketing and selling a treatment method, using dynamic monochromatic light programmes, based on a Swedish patent protected (9 patents) innovation from 1990- 1995.Since 2007, sales have doubled every year. Based on sales and cost projections from 2007- 2010, Biolight will go breakeven late 2011 or early 2012.
MediTeam Dental AB Renamed to Biolin AB
Today Biolin Scientific AB: 1996- 2003
President and CEO, August 1996 – March 2003. MediTeam was a dental research company on Stockholms Fondbörs O- list.From June 2002 the company was renamed to Biolin AB after a merger between MediTeam and Biolin. Biolin AB, today Biolin Scientific AB, is a research based company within the business of advanced analytical instrumentation (Q-Sence and Osstell, marketed globally). Biolin is listed on Nasdaq OMX Small Cap stock market in Stockholm.
Torpa Industrier AB:From 1995- Consulting business. Torpa Industrier AB offers consulting expertise in Management, Financing, Marketing and Sales, R&D, QA&RA, Clinical research, Patent strategies, Manufacturing strategies, etc.
 Nobelpharma AB
Today Nobel Biocare AB:1986-1995
1986-95. Nobelpharma AB, a dental implant company on the Stockholms Fondbörs O-list.Project Manager in Product Development 1987.Senior Vice President Research- and Development from 1988. Member of company’s management team from 1988.Executive Vice President 1989-1995.Responsible for R&D, QA&RA, Clinical Research, Patents, All manufacturing,President/Manager of;- Procera AB, 1990-1993- Bone anchored Hearing Aid & Extra-Orala applications, 1991-1993 and 1995.Responsible for Market subsidiaries in Europe, North America, and Australia, 1990- 1995
Ericson Radar
Electronics AB:1985- 1986
Ericson Radar Electronics AB 1985-86, Project Management and Research Engineer.
External board assignments: * Linde Machinery AB, Lindesberg (chairman), 1991- 2003
  * The Foundation for Strategically Research, the program for Biomaterial and Polymer material, Göteborg, Linköping, Uppsala and Lund (chairman), 1996- 2004
  * MediTeam Dental AB, 1996- 2003
  * Biolin Medical AB, Stockholm, 1996- 2003
* Biolight International AB, Stockholm. 1995- 2011
* Integration Diagnostics Ltd (Osstell), London, 1998- 2002
* Q-Sence AB, Göteborg, 1999- 2003
* Sinterkill AB, Göteborg, 2001- 2003
* BST Blood Saving Technologies AB, Göteborg, 1999- 2002
* Biovator AB, Göteborg, 2002- 2003
* The Faculty Board for Physics and Theoretical Physics at Chalmers University of  Technology, 1993- 2002
Basic education:1977- 1981 Master of Science, Engineering Physics, 1981, Chalmers University of Technology.
Examination for Doctor’s degree: 1981-1986 PhD in Theoretical Physics, on the subject; Atomic and molecular reactions on surfaces, 1986, Chalmers University of Technology.

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